June 2022


Whew, what a month. I’ve been incredibly busy — thanks to Boss as a Service, I’ve been organizing my days and knocking out a lot of work. The two overarching projects I’ve worked on outside of work really feel like they’re in contrast to each other: Editorland has felt like a complete breeze to work on, but my “gain expertise” project, which has essentially consisted of reading a bunch of RFCs, has been a bit of a slog.

This is all to say that I’m having fun, and I hope you are too.

M and I went to Williamsburg, Virginia, as a belated celebration of my birthday — it was a really great trip, though unexpected in a few different ways.


I wrote a collection of programs to go download every post to Hacker News “Who is Hiring?” threads, and then I wrote a blog post about how the number of comments on those threads has changed over time. This post hit position #2 on HN, which meant that the poor DigitalOcean droplet that this blog was hosted on ran out of resources and generally stopped responding until I fixed the problem. But this was a really fun experience; it was great to go from idea to execution so quickly, and getting a lot of traffic in a big event like that is always exciting.

I’ve also switched from VSCode to VSCodium, so I wrote, for education purposes, a quick article on how to move extensions from one to the other.



I am still working on Against a Dark Background by Iain M. Banks. I just haven’t been reading that much fiction… but I don’t think this one is engaging me as much as his other novels have, either.


This month, failbetter published:


  • I typed 966,615 keys (!!!) and clicked 149,357 times. That’s a sustaned 0.37 keys for second, for the whole month — maybe that’s too many keys. And I was out of town for a weekend and didn’t type at all on those days!
  • I listened to 1,577 songs.