article roundup: 20210613

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Max Barry | My Take on Citizen
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A new future for icanhazip | Major Hayden’s Blog 🤠

The Cicadas Are Showing Up on the Freaking Radar Now | Washingtonian (DC)
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Bitcoin (BTC) price slides as US seizes most of Colonial ransom
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The top-ranking HTML editor on Google is an SEO scam | Caspar von Wrede
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Synthetic Messenger
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I survived the “Destroying Angel”
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OverDrive to Acquire Kanopy
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On the Danger of Software Magicians | by Joel Berger | Medium
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Watch parachutist make an emergency landing in middle of an active soccer game | Boing Boing

Engineering a chess match against my brother | mbrt blog
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Anti-vaxxers are weaponizing Yelp to punish bars that require vaccine proof | MIT Technology Review
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Jean Nouvel completes plant-covered commercial building in Shanghai
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Yusuke Shigeta reinvents traditional folding screen with digital animation
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