article roundup: 20210606

Heading for a national park? It’s going to be the ‘biggest season in the history of the Park Service,’ some senators say – Virginia Mercury

How Exxon Lost a Board Battle With a Small Hedge Fund – The New York Times
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OCRguessr: making posters into a guessing game | by Iain Bean | May, 2021 | cogapp

Why Ecologists Are Haunted by the Rapid Growth of Ghost Forests | Science | Smithsonian Magazine
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CPDA Arquitectos incorporates “secret garden” into Mexico City building
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Hong Kong BLOCKS / Experimental short film (Public housing) – YouTube
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Discover the Next Great Community in Stage Discovery | by Nelly | Jun, 2021 | Discord Blog

The Mystery of the $113 Millıon Deli – The New York Times
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How we used MagSafe fishing to find and recover an iPhone 12 Pro from the canal in Berlin |
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waa transforms beijing warehouse into experiential playscape for children
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Hillel on Twitter: “WHAT CHOCOLATIERING TAUGHT ME ABOUT SOFTWARE ENGINEERING In my free time, I’m an avid chocolatier. I’ve been making chocolates since 2012, about as long as I’ve professionally programmed. I hand out homemade confections at (domestic) s
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Watch “You Don’t Need to Own a Car if You Don’t Drive to Work – Carsharing” on YouTube
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A Commodore 64 As You Have Never Seen One Before: Game Boy Form Factor! | Hackaday
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The making of Four Laps. On May 27, during an internal light… | by Marcin Wichary | The rectangle behind you | May, 2021 | Medium
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The Party – Believer Magazine
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