migrated notes to zola

Well, I went ahead and decided to migrate this little corner of the internet to be using the static site generator zola. Though maintaining my own static site generator was fun, I really wanted to make sure this site has an RSS feed, and I just didn’t feel like writing that by hand. Also, by using an existing CI config I already had set up, publishing this site is now as easy as just doing a git commit, and it “just works.”

I’m a little sad that I’ve made some compromises so that I’m not longer actually owning a lot of the infrastructure here, but I think the trade-offs are worth it. And just because I’m not using a static site generator that I hacked together anymore, doesn’t mean that this space is no longer a space I can hack around on! Probably quite the opposite, really.

Edit 2021-09-23: Thanks, Sean, for pointing out an issue with this article!