New Music: March 2021

Here’s a link to the playlist. The play buttons embedded here will play 30-second clips if you’re not logged into Spotify in your browser, which is probably the best way to listen to the tracks while reading this article.

Hello! Here’s some more music. I hope you enjoy it!

Kynsy — Happiness Isn’t a Fixed State

single, released October 2, 2020

“Happiness Isn’t a Fixed State” is clearly inspired by The Strokes in every aspect, from the guitar tones, structure of the track, even to Kysny’s vocals. But this is clearly an upgrade, in my mind — her vocal performance, especially, is off-the-charts. There’s so much to love here, like the incredible bass tone, and the rocking guitar lines.

Hey Colossus — Donkey Jaw

Off Dances / Curses, released November 6, 2020

This song is such a ripper. Every time it comes on, I end up turning up the volume. There’s a very slightly prog-rock guitar jam going on throughout this entire track, but the thing that really shines the most for me is that astonishing chorus.

Why Bonnie — No Caves

single, released April 10, 2020

“No Caves” is a sad song with rocking, slightly-jangly guitars. Blair Howerton’s vocals really shine here, the centerpiece of a clever and sweet song.

Biig Piig — Feels Right

single, released November 17, 2020

Any TV show that would use this song as the title track would be the coolest TV show to ever exist.

This song does everything right: the cool transitions in instrumentation, sometimes even dropping out completely to highlight Jess Smyth’s vocals; the super funky bass line; the evolution of the refrain over the course of the track.

Oh, and what a great band name.

Wild Nothing — Foyer

single, released January 1, 2020

I feel like I was a little late to the party with this track, but it’s good to see that Wild Nothing is still putting out the hits. “Foyer” is something a bit familiar, with that well-known oceanside, synthy feel, but this track is still unique and will stand out in the catalog as being from this certain era of time.

The chord shifts here are the thing that tends to grab my ear, sometimes shifting slightly outside the key without being too distracting. There’s a lot going on in the room that this track creates, with vocals ping-ponging off the ceiling, which somehow makes even more room for creative decisions in the synth tracks.

Jane Weaver — Stages Of Phases

Off Flock, released March 5, 2021

This song has an amazing energy and a really delightful fuzziness. Weaver’s vocals are perfect, bouncing on top of a driving, ultra-condensed and distorted rhythm section.

I haven’t spent any time with the album that this track supports yet, but I hope to soon!

Beautify Junkyards — Reverie

Off Cosmorama, released January 15, 2021

“Reverie” is a beautiful, soft composition. I love the subtle shifts between the percussive elements, and the space that the woodwind-like samples create around the other elements on the track. There’s a skillful reverb embedded in each piece here, and it makes for a really cool effect.

Greg Puciato — A Pair of Questions

Off Child Soldier: Creator of God, released October 9, 2020

Man, this song has a great vibe — from those punchy snare punches which bounce across every other instrument, to the chorus which whispers at you while it feels like it’s belting. It’s a fun, kind-of eighties feel; with nice beeps and boops and cool transitions.

Night Tapes — Download Spirit

single, released November 27, 2020

“Download Spirit” is a phenomenal EP, with each track clearly standing on its own. “Truly Being Alive” is a driving electronic thing, and “Fever Dream Kids” is a beautiful serenade. The track that stands out the most for me, though, is the one which lends its title to the EP.

I really enjoy the almost vaporwave vibes to the instrumentation, and the chorus has a surprisingly catch refrain.

Bullion — We Had A Good Time

single, released February 20, 2020

I could not tell you why this song tugs at my heartstrings so much. There’s almost a Phil Collins atmosphere in this track, and it accomplishes what I can only guess it’s trying to accomplish, which is to make me feel some sort of sadness.

So many things about this song are clever — from the trading percussion of plucked strings and hand claps mixed right into the forefront of the track, to the delightful thunder sound effect followed by the lyric “strikes once.”

Men I Trust — Tides

single, released February 12, 2021

The spacey vibes here make this track a fun slow dance — it’s incredibly cinematic.