electronic internet radio stations


Website: http://www.afrika-boom.com/
Direct audio link: http://stream.radio.co/se53fee01d/listen
Radio Garden link: http://radio.garden/listen/afrika-boom/E7050gZY

Afrika-Boom is an internet radio station based out of Windhoek, Namibia. From the sets that I’ve heard on it, it mostly features house-like tracks that are good to work to, but aren’t necessarily trance or ambient. I’ve only been listening to this station for a short time now, but I’ve already discovered quite a few tracks through it that I really like and have made it onto my “electronic to listen to while getting stuff done” playlist.

The Lot Radio

Website: https://www.thelotradio.com/
Direct audio link: http://thelot.out.airtime.pro:8000/thelot_a
Radio Garden link: http://radio.garden/listen/the-lot-radio/xgH6sD5l

You don’t need me to tell you how cool The Lot Radio is. They’re essentially the top tier of turntablism. Most recently, I feel as though most Lot DJs spin sets mixing slightly downtempo beats, layered with positive tracks from decades ago. A lot of the sets that I catch have an undercurrent of “happy” — so whether or not you want to have a Lot Radio stream running while working or projected on a wall while hanging out with friends will entirely depend on who’s on deck.

Indie Discotheque

Website: https://www.indiediscotheque.com
Direct audio link: http://stream.indiediscotheque.com:8000/stream.mp4
Radio Garden link: http://radio.garden/listen/indie-discotheque/xUv7h3lI

Hi, 🆔. Hi, 🤽 matt.

I never really hung out with the ID folks that much, but I’m glad to see that they’re thriving on their own platform after the Great Turntable.fm Schism.

Maybe half of the ID tracks couldn’t really be classified as electronic, but I feel like they’ve really nailed down this genre, and this genre is really something that people seek out, so it’s certainly worth ending up on the list.

Disco never died, folks. It grew with the times. So have we all. So, if you want to know what indie music that just happens to sometimes be electronic or disco-esque sounds like, ID is the place for you.

Also, you can totally play your own tracks on this station as well, much like the turntable.fm of old — just go to their site and click “play a song.”

DEF CON Radio on Soma.FM

Website: http://somafm.com/defcon/
Direct audio link: http://ice1.somafm.com/defcon-256-mp3
Radio Garden link: http://radio.garden/listen/soma-fm-def-con-radio/EkUjR2JT

DEF CON radio rules. They’re definitely the quintessential workcore electronica. It really is “Music for Hacking.”

I have a soft spot for DEF CON radio because it was one of my first real forays into internet radio. For a while there, I would quickly write down the silly quote from the bumpers between tracks so that I could look up the DEF CON talk that it was from and then watch it.

Deep House Lounge

Website: http://www.deephouselounge.com/
Direct audio link:
Radio Garden link: http://radio.garden/listen/deephouselounge/Ckqk3yKW

Deep House Lounge is an internet radio station based out of Philadelphia, PA. They have an immensely underground vibe, but the tracks are great for all occasions.

More stations that I haven’t written up yet!

  • Audioboxlive DJ Radio (Montréal, Canada)
  • Housemasters Radio (Glascow, Scotland)