November 2022


It’s World Cup season, so I’ve been watching a lot of soccer. Maybe too much soccer.

Work has taken up a ton of my time this month, so I really don’t have a ton of stuff to report!

I designed and printed a little cradle for my Flipper Zero:

You can download the STL over on Thingiverse!

I also made a quick little cover for a plexiglass cutter:

I finally got around to bundling up and sharing some little developer tools, so I’m excited that that’s live now:

I shared my Spotify Wrapped in the form of a blog post, which feels like it comes earlier and earlier every year.



I didn’t finish Feersum Endjinn — and after I set it down, I had an extremely hard time finding a new novel to read, with quite a few false starts.

I did end up reading Robin Hobb’s Dragon Haven, which was good, but a bit of a departure from her other books so far.

I also bounced around a bunch of non-fiction books, reading about topics in programming languages, email, calculus, and soccer. Maybe I’ll even finish one next month!


This month, failbetter published “Rain nor Snow” by John Brandon.


This month,

  • I typed 790,851 keys and clicked 121,784 times.
  • I listened to 1225 songs.