May 2023

That’s another month in the books! I hope you’re having a great one. Things are trucking along just fine here.

The theme for this month seemed to be meeting up with folks. Philly Tech Week was a blast, but also a whole lot; I met a lot of people, and had a lot of really great conversations! There was also the JS Club meeting about open source software, which went extremely well; Josh and Rik both had great talks.

I hacked together a tool to be able to send out newsletters, and added newsletters for both the Philly Tech Calendar and JS Club.

Also, I’ve been playing a lot of guitar again, which is really nice. I have a guitar with a Floyd Rose, and I successfully restrung it all by myself.


Got a very short one for you this month.


I bounced around a fair amount, but I did not finish a single book this month.


Two works from failbetter this month:


This month,

  • I typed 762,300 keys and clicked 139,910 times.
  • I listened to 1,150 songs.