February 2023


Well, that was the short month! Iā€™m always delighted by how much I end up getting done in February, even with a couple days fewer to work with.

I really feel like my routines are getting to a good place again. Some of this is just that the sun is rising earlier again, so Iā€™m more energized to get things done in the morning, but a lot of it was just leaning on my tools and building the process to get things done.

I set up ActivityWatch, and have been playing with it a bit ā€” even adding a small amount of tooling to Zadok as another layer over top of it.

A lot of my time this month was spent working on initiatives for work; not the kind of thing I normally post here.

I do have some things to share, though! I did a little bit of hacking on the web AudioContext API, which led me to making this little slightly-randomized jam: https://dev.joewoods.dev/ghostmusic/. I also ported my favorite editor color theme that I use everywhere to Ulysses, which you can now download from their themes site.



This month, I finished Complicity by Iain Banks. I said in the Iain Banks page:

Starts off a bit too distasteful for me, but once it shakes off the gonzo journalism project, settles into a dissatisfying violent thriller frenzy.

I have done a fair amount of reading, both non-fiction and fiction, but the rules here are that I post about it when I finish it. šŸ™‚


This month, failbetter published just the one work: ā€œSettling in for the Nightā€ by Gregory T. Janetka.


This month:

  • I typed 825,475 keys and clicked 122,004 times.
  • I listened to 1,077 songs.