April 2023

I have gotten so much done this month. I’m really proud of how much I’ve accomplished!

First: I have finally gotten the revamped Editorland out the door. This is a huge deal for me — I have finally achieved my goal of providing a free submission management solution for those who need it. It’s still early days, but: it’s out there!

I also hacked together the Philly Tech Calendar, which is exactly what it sounds like. It uses a real calendar as the backend, with a nice UI for casual browsers. I hope this ends up being useful for folks.

I helped out a little with the new Philly JS Club website — this was almost entirely Josh, but I did pitch in a feature or two. 🙂

I hacked on an annotation tool which I ultimately decided to put aside. I made some roadmaps for a tool which helps people memorize long texts.

I started two Mastodon accounts: joedevlog, which I’ve been using off and on as a log of the things I’ve been working on, and one for the JS Club.

I have mostly migrated my life over to Sorted³, a task- and time-management app.

So yeah, like I said: a lot!

I got a new MacBook Pro at work, and it is so much faster than my old laptop. Once I got it all set up, it really feels like I’m able to do everything so much more efficiently.

I’ve been playing a lot of guitar lately; I’m also really digging MythicQuest, which I’ve almost completed, at time of writing.


I attempted to move off of Spotify this month, but no dice. Maybe that’s why this month’s new music playlist is so short? Who knows. Anyway, here it is!


I did a bunch of bouncing around, trying to settle on something to read.

I read Iain Banks’ Whit, which I found extraordinary; I couldn’t put it down. It got a coveted ⭐️ on the "My opinion of every Iain Banks book (that I’ve read)" list. I wrote:

Right from the outset, I knew this one was going to be a magical ride. Powerful and captivating.

So yeah: A+, highly recommend.


Two works from failbetter this month:


This month,

  • I typed 904,016 keys and clicked 152,408 times.
  • I listened to 1,111 songs.