RSS feeds from large publications

At the time of writing, I subscribe to both The New York Times and WIRED Magazine. Both of these publications publish quite frequently — WIRED, 283 items per month, and the NY Times a staggering 6,019 items per month.

No disrespect intended toward the editors and authors over at the Times, but I’m just not interested in subscribing to the “Food” category, but the “Wordplay” category is firmly within my interests and is essentially a huge portion of the reason why I’m now giving them money. But if I wanted to subscribe to only a few sections — say, “Politics” and “Technology” — there’s quite often a bit of overlap, and the same article ends up in my Feedbin unreads multiple times.

The solution to this is just to embrace the fire hose. It doesn’t take more than a fraction of a second for me to see that I don’t actually want to engage with an article from its headline and press the j key to move on to the next one.

It actually took a bit of digging for me to be able to subscribe to the “all content” feeds for these two, so I’ll list the feed locations here: