Notable items missing from Wikipedia

After Mark Dominus

  • failbetter is one of the first only-ever-online literary journals. (Where I happen to be an editor 😉)
  • Kei Miura is an automotive designer who founded the massively-influential Rocket Bunny, known as Pandem in some markets.
  • Horatio C. Forjohn was a Philadelphian artist, funded by the Works Progress administration sometime around 1940.
  • Terser is an “industry-standard minifier for JavaScript code.” (At time of writing, it has more downloads on npm than webpack.)
  • Benjamin Campbell is a Richmond-based minister, community organizer, and public-project proponent. He wrote Richmond’s Unhealed History, a book detailing the segregationist policies which led to the current state of the city (and the two interstates which course through it).
  • Richmond, Virginia has a great number of murals, some of which are by artists who have their own Wikipedia articles (like Natalia Rak, Greg Mike, Stormie Mills, and others)
  • A category encompassing principles named after people in the format of So-and-so’s law (e.g. Conway, Pascal, Brandolini, Godwin, etc.)
  • Ironmouse is a Puerto-Rican VTuber; she’s very popular and I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. (Edit: one was created for her four days after this article was posted!)