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M Today at 8:03 PM
@joe i’m anki decking, r u proud of me
joe Today at 8:04 PM
Run while you still can
M Today at 8:05 PM
any pro strats i should know before i start this deck
joe Today at 8:06 PM
Let me get back to you once I finish some flashcards ._.

anki pro strats

  • Don’t be afraid to abandon a note.
  • Don’t be afraid to abandon a deck.
  • Change things up if you hit a plateau. Reduce the number of daily new cards you’re getting, or maybe increase them.
  • Don’t let a “complete” deck lapse. I learned so much about art in 2018, then stopped reviewing the cards once I’d “finished” the deck; once I came back to it in 2020, I had to relearn a really large portion of them. Keep it up!
  • You must do it every day. Don’t let the backlog start to pile up.
  • Don’t try to add cards you haven’t at least been exposed to in some way. If you’re downloading a deck from the internet, go through every card you want to learn from it first. (Yes, every card. This may actually more than one day for some decks.)
  • Anki compounds very quickly. Your first few reviews will only take a few minutes. Don’t ramp up to too many cards too quickly.
  • Start small and work your way up. Set a goal, achieve it, then keep climbing.
  • 20 new cards a day — Anki’s default for a deck — is way too much, in my opinion. You may want to reduce this.
  • Keep routines. Doing your flashcards when you’re already exhausted and just want to go to bed is one of the worst feelings in the world.
  • Sometimes you just won’t be in the mindset; you’ll start your reviews and things just won’t click, or you won’t be able to remember things you know you should be able to. Just take a quick break and come back soon.
  • Let Anki take over your life. Make decks for weird stuff; I have a flashcard for my upstairs neighbor’s dog’s name so I don’t forget.
  • I generally compose new cards on desktop and review on mobile, unless something weird is going on.
  • Seriously, get the mobile app. It’s worth it.
  • The Android app has a desktop widget that shows you how many cards you have left to review, as well as the amount of time it thinks it’ll take you. Put it on your home screen.
  • Do not trust Anki’s estimates as to how long things will take you.
  • Stare at those beautiful graphs. You made those graphs. Be proud of those graphs.

joe Today at 8:28 PM

any pro strats i should know before i start this deck

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plugs own blog
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Excuse me is my blog
That’s my wiki